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Terms to Know in This Space

TFE – The Freedom Era, this is the academy we use to learn the digital marketing skills and has all of the automation for us to use!
DBS – Digital Business Specialist, this is the team of advisors who take your sales calls for you and support your new teamies.

facebook groups

The Activate Your Dream Life group is our leads group. What this means is we plug people into this FB group who are interested in the business. Here we have our masterclasses to tag people in, community posts, members of the community can go live and add in testimonials, it’s where we celebrate people joining the biz, and show what’s truly possible!

More on this Facebook group and how to use it here

This is our tight knit community page is where our weekly team meetings are streamed into so if you need to catch a replay, you can find it here!

This is Rebekah L Femia’s team (which we are all apart of) – in here are more resources, 90 day runs, support, and community.

This is our entire Enagic community with Clint, Kristie, Bek and other leaders. This is where we celebrate rank advancements, keep in the know with events, connect with wider community, and where weekly huddles take place.

This is for anyone in The Freedom Era, even if they’re not partnered with Enagic. This is where weekly masterclasses and Q&As with the community are streamed!


DBLL high vibe mastermind!

These calls with our tight knit community are so important to be on! This is the space where you get proximity to leaders, get to meet and connect with the community, share your wins, ask questions, and have continual education to grow yourself and your business. This is your time to get the support you need!!

Come and turn your video on, come off mute to share your wins, and ASK QUESTIONS!


Our DBLL weekly calls are every Tuesday if you’re in the US / Canada, which is Wednesday if you’re in Australia / NZ.

US / Canada

Tuesday @ 8pm EST

Tuesday @ 6pm MST

Tuesday @ 5 pm PST

Australia / NZ

Wednesday @ 9am Perth Time

Wednesday @ 12pm Sydney Time

Wednesday @ 2pm Auckland Time


On Zoom! Make sure to have the app downloaded on your phone or computer to join us!

Meeting ID: 236 726 9444

Password: dbll2023

Tfe community weekly huddle

Every Monday at 6pm AEST The Freedom Era Community page hosts a weekly huddle.

This call is to receive updates hear from people within the business who are creating epic results. These calls are often times bringing in leaders to share what’s working and what their journey has looked like. This is a great way to hear from community outside of just DBLL. Proximity is power!

Monday 6pm AEST
Replays are available as this is the middle of the night for those in US / Canada

On Zoom or in The Freedom Era Community FB group.

Meeting ID: 858 266 43032
Passcode if you need it – 542644

set yourself up for success


Login to TFE > Business Hub > Affiliate Links > Checkout
Copy the link that is listed under “Checkout Page.”

This will be the link you use to send people who want to join TFE!

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This course is incredibly important to get things moving and start learning the skillsets that will allow you to have massive success in this space. The quicker you move through this and implement everything you learn, the quicker you will see the results! Click the button below to be redirected to the Launch Your Business Course in TFE!


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Or copy and paste below 👇🏻


[Insert Here]

Date & Time: [Insert Here]
Password: dbll2023

Position I’m Bulding: [Insert Here]

Sponsor: [Insert Here]
Sponsor’s Sponsor: [Insert Here]
6A2-2 Upline: Rebekah L Femia
6A2-4 Upline: Clint X Morgan
6A2-5 Upline: Balazs W Kardos


TFE Login Page Link:

DBS Handbook

DBLL Enagic Link

K8: $340
Anespa: $185
Ukon Sigma: $100
Ukon DD: $40
Trifecta: $625
Anespa Quad: $810
K8 Quad: $965

1A: 1 – 2 sales
2A: 3 – 10 sales
3A: 11 – 20 sales
4A: 21 – 50 sales
5A: 51 – 100 sales
6A: 101+ sales

6A: $3,000
6A2: $6,000
6A2-2: $12,000
6A2-3: $25,000 + $5,000/month
6A2-4: $50,000 + $10,000/month
6A2-5: $100,000 + $15,000/month


Login to TFE > Business Hub > Affiliate Links > Checkout
Copy the link that is listed under “Checkout Page.”

This will be the link you use to send people who want to join TFE!


Login to TFE > Profile > My Profile > Discovery Call Settings > Use The Digital Business Specialist Service > Register down at the bottom.

By registering for the DBS Service, you’ll be able to have digital business specialists who are fully across the business, the products, the financing options, and everything your leads will need to know to move forward with Enagic! Talk about automation and time freedom!!

leads fb group


This FB group has been created to add our leads to so they can learn about the business and our community. Inside here we host masterclasses, stream our launches, welcome new DBLL team members, provide lots of value, present live stories, and share income results.

The first thing you should be doing once you have a lead in the group is tagging them in a masterclass! We encourage you to watch it to make sure it resonates, they will often be pinned to the top of the group, so you can scan through them and find the best masterclass to tag them in.

You can tag your leads in your story for extra connection/leverage or someone else’s if you know that their story will resonate with them. This safe space is all about leverage, so you can post, go live, and plan a masterclass to share in here. This space is for you to be seen as a community member and for everyone to leverage each other’s journeys and stories.

Your leads will need to be accepted into this group so make sure you tell them to answer the questions and approve them when they come through. If you’re not yet a moderator, just ask your sponsor to be added as one so you can approve for your own people!

Make sure to have this link saved:

You can use this on your stories, put it in your bio, send it out to curious leads. Just tell them to use your name for access 🙂


It is your responsibility to do your due diligence and ask how your leads have found you. As a collective we are always sharing each others content which in return can direct your leads to someone else within our team. If someone has found you through someone else in our collective, it is important that you be integral in sending them back to who ever they have originally came across. Edify the person who they have originally come from and direct them back. Screen shot your conversation & send it to whoever you are directing them back too so they can reach out & continue with the process.

If you have NOT accepted & tagged a lead in our leads group (check who has) you MUST NOT send your TFE link. If there has been a double up & your lead is talking to two people, have a conversation first to work out who was the first point of contact.

making sales

Congratulations on making the sale!!

  1. Celebrate your new customer for jumping in! This is a big moment for them!!

  2. Set them up for success by telling them to get through the discovery process and have their call booked within 48 hours. Success loves speed!
    – It’s really important that you’re ensuring your new member knows that the discovery process NEEDS to be complete prior to their DBS call! Support them through reminders and guiding them to complete it.

  3. Send them over the DBLL Enagic videos so they go through those prior to their DBS call:


Congratulations on welcoming in your new team member!

  1. If you haven’t already, add them to the DBLL Enagic group chat firstly! Welcome them in and celebrate them for taking the first step to their dream life.

  2. Create a graphic for them and make posts welcoming them into the community in the Active Your Dream Life FB Group and The Freedom Era Community FB Group.

    Click here for access to the graphics to create your own for your new team member!

enagic products

Product Setup:

enagic portal & resources

Play Video

Your Enagic Distributor Portal is where information about all your commissions, team members, ranks, Ukon, and paid / unpaid money will hang out, so you’re going to want to get this set up, stat!

But you will need to email Enagic to get access. Find your Enagic office’s email here:


While we use the DBS system and they provide ALL product prices and financing options for our leads, if you have people just interested in the products or you want to access the financing options, here is a great resource to use!

creating content

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running paid ads

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map to 4A

This is in the Launch Your Business Course > Module 3

extra trainings

[Coming Soon]

Our Favorite TFE Masterclasses
Knowing Your Numbers - Map Out to 4A
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