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now what?

Congrats on getting started with Enagic! Now what?

facebook leads group

Congrats on getting started with Enagic! Now what?

sales process

You have someone jump in with The Freedom Era... now what?


- Message them to welcome to community. Make sure they know to book their call with the DBS and make their way through the Discovery Process before their scheduled call.

- Create group chat on Facebook with DBS (more info on that below in "DBS" section)

- Follow up with them and keep them committed to their goals and moving forward with Enagic. Usually a lot of fears and limiting beliefs come up during this time, so truly be there for them and start conversations to support them in moving forward!

- They will send the paperwork to the sales processing team, the team will send where you need to sign the documents and fill anything out, and then processing team will send over to Enagic!

- Once their Enagic products are processed, add them into the DBLL Facebook Group Chat!

dbs process

enagic back office