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Everyone's talking about freedom and abundance but rarely does anyone show you HOW to actually have more time and money in your life.

This 4 day workshop was designed to do just that.

This 4-day workshop is for you. We’re committed to action, not just talk, giving you the real and raw tools to dive into what it truly takes to ignite YOUR freedom lifestyle. A combination of FREE training sessions, meditations, journaling prompts and MORE are here to support you as you truly embody your vision and sink into knowing that you can have INCREDIBLE things, it’s just up to you to take aligned action.



Rewrite Your Money Story

Let’s dive into all things money mindset!

We all have a story we’re telling ourselves about how money circulates in this world. For many of us, that story may have been written based off of things we’ve heard throughout our childhood such as “we can’t afford that”, or “money doesn’t grow on trees”. In this session we will rework past conditioning about finances and tap into the energy of massive abundance that we ALL deserve and will achieve.

Get ready to:
Heal limiting beliefs and creating a better relationship with money
Tap into your highest abundance potential
Open up to why it’s OKAY to love and make money

“Money at its very essence is energy, and all energy can be attracted or repelled.”


aubrey v lynn


Embody Your Vision

Did you know that you have been scripting your life? Consciously or unconsciously, the story that you’re telling about the world and how you fit into it is creating your personal reality. In this session we’ll explore all things manifestation. This is all about living, breathing, and activating your full potential to shine your light on this world. You are not who you have been told you are. YOU get to choose the life that you’re calling in.

Some of the powerful things we will cover:
The true secret to leveraging the law of attraction
Embodying your dream life before you’re actually living it
Different manifestation exercises you can apply to any goal or desire

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” - Buddha


char emily k


Shift Into Freedom

You are here because you know that you deserve more in your life. If you want to shift your financial reality, it starts on a cellular level by shifting within. The decision to choose a new path is yours, and from there, the possibilities are infinite.

In this session we will explore:
Stepping into the highest version of you setting healthy boundaries
How to stand strong in your truth and trust your intuition

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”


talia w di giulio


Our Freedom Formula Revealed


On this final day of our workshop, we invite you to continue learning and take your growth to the next level. Using your new knowledge from the previous sessions, we will reveal an amazing way that you can truly ignite your freedom now. This is your permission slip to take aligned action, create abundance with ease and flow, and fully embody your vision.

In this masterclass, we will cover the 3 secrets that thousands of people are using to create an abundant income online. This is a day you don’t want to miss!